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Interactive Proof of Concept

Check out the new demo of our video tagging technology. Through an enhanced natural-language processing machine, we are now able to analyze your video, determine its type, and provide story enhancement suggestions. Simply upload a video and watch the magic!

Designed to help create

Terra is a machine learning platform specifically tailored to reduce friction and complexity in the video storytelling process.


Let our platform find errors in your speech, identify blurred frames, and even tag the type of video you upload.


Revolutionary speech-to-text technology allows your to live edit your video through a text editor.


With our premium storyboard we give you a starting place to tell your story, whether that's an Explainer or How To video.

Stock Libraries

Through our partners at Shutterstock you get access to thousands of song tracks, images, and b-roll.

Turn your content into stories

Create videos in minutes

We provide premium storyboard templates that allow users to plug in their own content to create agency quality videos.

Share with one click

Auto-aspect ratio sizing makes sharing to all your web and social channels quick and easy.

Hear from our customers

Intuitive and Useful!

Very intuitive to use and can be used for so many different types of video messages and storytelling. Excited to see what they roll out in the future with this app!


Terra is such a great way for my brand to create story based content to present our products to drive much more engagement with our customers

Making videos easy

Super helpful to quickly put together compelling and professional looking video content - my clients think i have a whole video team!

How does it work?

Video storytelling is complicated. We breakdown the storytelling process into customizable templates to make video creation more attainable.

Reduce Costs and Resources

An average a one short-form video costs $5,000 USD to make. We are on a mission to make video creation at scale more cost-effective through technology.

Increase Engagement Through Storytelling

Your audience doesn't want a stock video, they want to learn about you and your brand.

Ready to get started?

Try us out by simply downloading our new free mobile app.

TERRA — ML-powered video creation—

Transparent pricing for you



4 Video Projects
Create Your Own Video
Auto-aspect ratio
B-roll library
Advanced analytics



Billed monthly

8 Video Projects per month
Create Your Own Video
Auto-aspect ratio
B-roll library
Advanced analytics



Billed monthly

Unlimited videos
Create Your Own Video
Custom logo
B-roll library
Advanced analytics