Automatically cut down your raw video recordings

What is Terra?

Terra allows you to automatically cut down raw video footage. Our custom natural language processing (NLP) algorithm reads uploaded videos, takes out the “um’s”, and filler words – and tags important segments of your recordings. No more sitting through hours of b-roll and manually searching for timestamps. All you need to get started is some video footage like a Zoom recording or mobile content.

Why use Terra?

Video editing is complicated and expensive. Enterprise Content Teams usually have two options when needing more videos: Option 1) Hire an external video agency or freelancerOption 2) Work with an internal video editor While there are many fantastic video editors and agencies out there, the first option is often prohibitively expensive. And working with internal video editors may be viable, but often this type of video support is stretched too thin by competing priorities – so turn around times can be up to 2weeks. Terra is a feature light tool that allows non-editors to create compelling videos rapidly and at scale. Think of us as Grammarly, but instead of helping you improve your writing, Terra helps you become a stronger video storyteller.